Isabel Pesce Mattos

Laureate 2014

Isabel Pesce Mattos

Teaches professional and personal development through entrepreneurial values.

bt365体育在线Bel Pesce, 26, is something of a star in her native Brazil. A free e-book she wrote in 2012 titled A Menina do Vale (‘The Silicon Valley Girl’), explaining how an entrepreneurial attitude can change your life, became an Internet sensation, downloaded over two million times. The printed version is a bestseller in Brazil. ‘I was lucky with the timing,’ says Bel, who was working in start-ups in Silicon Valley at the time. ‘Brazil is in a period where people want to take charge of their lives. I never realised my ideas would be given such a voice.’ The impact was so great, Bel was named one of the 100 most influential people in Brazil by Época, the widely read weekly news magazine. ‘I had to use this momentum to do something great for my country,’ she says, ‘so I came back to Brazil to set up a school, FazINOVA.’