Jeana Abbott

Jeana Abbott

New Zealand
Director and Owner of jaXorb7
Coached finalist: 
South Asia & Oceania

Jeana offers a wealth of business leadership experience via independent consultancy and advisory services, leveraging a vast range of executive leadership roles in diverse organisations around the world. Her background is broad, including Education, Marketing, Corporate Services, Change Management, Governance, Business Transformation, Strategy & Planning, Organisation Culture & Design, Leadership, and Professional Bodies.

Jeana is passionate about creating impact in visionary, innovative, socially responsible, and purposeful businesses that make a difference. Her focus is on businesses that add value, advance meaningful industries, develop communities, and deliver inspired services and/or products to support economic growth and prosperity in the world.

Jeana holds a Master’s degree in Psychology, which provided her with a strong foundation to help people and businesses achieve their potential and make a difference. She also completed the INSEAD Executive Certificate in Global Management and is a proud member of the INSEAD alumni community.