Suzanne Grimal

Suzanne Grimal

Founder of Kouloura Finance, Co-founding Partner of Les Halles des Compagnons de l'excellence

Suzanne founded Kouloura Finance and has been advising investors and emerging investment funds for six years on niche strategies for all asset classes - private equity, hedge fund, real estate.

She also has 20 years of experience at Société Générale. She launched new activities within the bank, mainly with an investment focus for large investors (private banking and corporate and investment banking).

Suzanne is also a Co-founding Partner of Les Halles des Compagnons de l'excellence, a physical and digital fresh food retail concept working with experienced food professionals such as butchers, cheese mongers, bakers, jam makers, and cooks, most of whom have earned the distinction of are Meilleurs ouvriers de France or Compagnons.