Thiaba Camara Sy

Thiaba Camara Sy


bt365体育在线Board Chair of WIC CAPITAL


Thiaba Camara SY is an Audit and Finance Independent expert who actively supports women entrepreneurship in Africa.

bt365体育在线Thiaba has an experience of 34 years spanning the areas of auditing, accounting, management consulting and finance.

Sub-Saharan Africa

bt365体育在线Founder and former Managing partner of DELOITTE Senegal and has sat for 9 years at the board of Deloitte Afrique, the holding company for all Deloitte network member firms in French-speaking Africa.

bt365体育在线During her tenure with the Deloitte network, Thiaba has served several public institutions and private companies in virtually every sector of the West African economy; which has allowed her, over time, to develop a strong international professional network.

bt365体育在线In 2017, she decided to focus her career on private equity and currently chairs the board of WIC CAPITAL, a venture capital fund of which she is a founding member.

The Women’s Investment Club (WIC) Senegal is committed to taking action that will change the economic landscape of women in Africa. WIC’s vision is to give women privileged access to modern financial instruments for inclusive economic development through:


•Innovative financial vehicles for women

•Promotion of women’s leadership and entrepreneurship

•Positioning women as economic actors rather than spectators

bt365体育在线•Creating conditions for women’s inclusive economic emergence


Thiaba is also a founding member and the General Secretary of the Senegalese Investors Club (CIS) and a non-executive director of United Bank for Africa (UBA), a leading pan-African financial group headquartered in Nigeria.

bt365体育在线She is very active in voluntary service to not-for-profit organizations geared towards the defense of women’s and children’s rights.

bt365体育在线Thiaba is a board member and the audit committee chair of TOSTAN, an American humanitarian NGO, active in six West-African countries with a mission to empower communities through women’s leadership skills development, health programmes and encouragement to abandon child marriage.